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ECPAT and the defamation of the Ambassador Holloway

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It was one of the biggest scandals in Australian politics. The Australian Ambassador to Cambodia, John Holloway, who officiated in the early 1990s, allegedly abused children there, claimed the German organization ECPAT e.V., and immediately rescinded the usual media execution. Holloway was acquitted and remained traumatized throughout his life. 21 years later, the case was finally cleared up. The perpetrators can not be prosecuted for the defamation.

Cambodia 1990. The country has just one of the worst genocide behind it, which can only be beaten in its cruelty by the German Holocaust. The country is lost in poverty and chaos. Sextourists flock in droves and shamelessly exploit minors. This was not only due to the lack of legal situation, but also to the ruthlessness of the Cambodians. They are extremely unpopular with neighboring Thailand and Vietnam.

After the UNTAC, international organizations such as the UNHR, UNICEF, USAID sought to bring law and order into the country. Significantly, the Australians were busy with the establishment of a functioning legal system, built prisons and wrote law books. The “Childmolester paradise” was over. Cambodia now has one of the toughest laws in the world for the exploitation of children. The German Nazi pornographer Henning O. was sentenced to 28 years in prison. However, he is released with the help of the German Embassy after 9 years. She passed the bribes to the courts, Henning O. claims before witnesses.

The law books were still fresh from the press, as busy NGOs discovered the market for themselves. IJM (International Justice Mission) and ECPAT are committed to ensuring law and order. John Holloway, 1992-94 Ambassador to Cambodia, was a consultant to the Cambodian government and a major player in the country’s peace process, Wikipedia writes. He sharply criticized the NGOs, pointing out that the legal system is composed of the legislative, judiciary and executive branches. NGOs are not included there. IJM was founded in the environment of George W. Bush. ECPAT can be found in the lobby of the German Federal Ministry for Family and Youth.

It does not take long and Holloway is suddenly suspected of abusing two boys. For this, ECPAT commissioned Hang Vibol, operator of the orphanage Protect and in 2003 co-founder of APLE (Action Pour Les Enfants). Vibol, rather naïve, brought street children from his home, if they could identify the ambassador in a photo.

Former ECPAT worker and APLE co-founder Hang Vibol finally reveals.

The usual procedure of media prejudice and execution takes place at a time when it is not even clear that legal proceedings have even been initiated and organizations outside the law make themselves rulers of the proceedings. To do this, one eliminates the man called to make lawful procedures in Cambodia sociable: John Holloway. First and foremost ECPAT, who pushed the process into the media and a lawsuit in Australia. Vibol brought the child witnesses to Australia. The judge throws them out of the courtroom as totally untrustworthy and found Holloway not guilty. For ECPAT the next scandal.

With such an allegation the acquittal is just waste on the paper. Jörg Kachelmann (German scandal of a TV moderator with proven fabricated rape charges) had already learned that. For the next few years, a tireless and unbearable discussion about a – he has or he has not – is driving forward. Anyone who is exposed to such stress is dying prematurely. Holloway 2013 with 70 years. We would have liked to send him his final acquittal because he is a victim and not a perpetrator.

2015 – The prison conditions in the Cambodian prison camp Prey Sar violating human rights and are unbearable. But there is a positive aspect. For a journalist, the 4,000 Inmates are the Holy Grail of information. Not common to find in jail, next to gang members who giving insights, beside imprisoned judges, prosecutors and senators of the opposition party. For example, Senator Sok Hour, who belongs to the opposition CNRP party of exiled leader Sam Rainsy and gives incredible insights about the system.

And then there’s Vanna K., Underground Dealer for the Prohibited: Beer ($ 5 can), the Cambodian Criminal Procedure Code, cables and cell phones that only go out in case of power failure due to the jammers and cost protection money to the guards to stay in hiding. Whether we know someone who has an Internet modem for sale? Vanna asks us. Sure, Hang Vibol, he has one, do you know him?
Vibol? – Man, I went to Australia with him as a child!

We stand there like fossilized salt columns. Vanna has now understood what he has done there. But then he was still a child and the lure of a street kid too big. All he had to do was to point at the ambassador’s photo in front of the ECPAT staff, and then he would be allowed to fly to Australia. While still on the plane, they had rehearsed the false statements with them. And one day before the trial at the hotel in Australia, he was raped by the ECPAT staff. He should testify in the process that the ambassador did this with him.

Left: Detained UK Agrar Investor Gregg Fryett in a chat with Vanna K.

Vanna K. should testify before the Cambodian Appeal Court in appeal proceedings in late 2016. After we painstakingly published a WordPress article on a mobile phone in three languages, ​​and the anti-corruption unit asks us for the recorded statements, suddenly Mrs. Dorothea Czarnecki from ECPAT e.V. appears in Prey Sar.

Not as an NGO representative, because then she would have been rejected immediately. She comes, equipped with a document from the German Embassy, ​​as a consular representative and takes place in the meeting rooms of the embassies. She wants a signature to use personal data and is rejected by us. Together with the WELT journalist Florian Flade, she will collaborate on the next defamation of a journalist.

Prey Sar is a kind of revolving door for journalists. Udo Sabiniewicz leaves and James Ricketson arrives. This time as a spy. Right after a hearing before the anti-corruption unit and Udo S. is dragged again in a vehicle and taken away. Now they bring him home, writes Florian Flade. The renowned lawyer, Stephan Bonell, who represented the accused in the parallel case to the kidnapped from Berlin Vietnamese Trinh Xuan Thanh, finds other words:

The violation of international law may be identical.

The process was obstructed by Lars F. of the German Embassy. In addition to Vanna K. numerous witnesses should be heard with international media representatives. It will not take place and a complete TV production studio will disappear with technology and research material. The German Federal Foreign Office denies that this ever existed.

Vanished Post Production Studio in Phnom Penh

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