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The Danger of Business in Cambodia

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Investors beware of Fake NGO’s in Cambodia

Here just some examples:

Guiseppe Nicolesi
was an Australian star chef, running a good situated Italian Restaurant that he lost. He died painfully slowly after four years in Prey Sar.

Brian Naswall
is a US Pilot and lost his exclusive investment license to operate an airline in the light category (5.7t MTOW) including FBO and fueling license. He thrown to jail for 10 years at the moment strong investors appeared.

Alexander Trofimov
signed a 300 Mio. USD deal for a tourist resort. Right after he has thrown to prison for 13 years and lost all his investment.

Gregg Fryett
is a UK Agrar Investor for Biofuel with a 6.000 hectare land in Cambodia, purchased through the Cambodian authorities and suddenly accused of falsification of documents that he obtained from the authorities. He is in jail for eight years and lost land and assets. He received a 500.000 USD ransom demand.

Olaf Achleitner
an Austrian Chef paid over the years about 60.000 USD ransom demands but never got released. He died painfully in Prey Sar on malnutrition.

Udo Sabiniewicz
A German media entrepreneur and journalist (writers name Theodor Symon) lost his Post Production Studio worth 150.000 USD. Two weeks before his unlawful arrest police appeared at his studio, demanding to sign a paper to hand over the Studio to a Cambodian party. He was contracted by a Japanese media company and refused.

James Ricketson
an Australian filmmaker and journalist, reporting about the NGO scam in Cambodia, suddenly got arrested for espionage, spend 17 months in jail and lost his equipment worth about 50.000 USD.

10 international backpackers have been thrown to jail because of “pornographic dances” at a pool party in a private villa. Seven of them could escape on a ransom of 5.000$ each.

…the list can be continued over pages.

The dark number may reach thousands over the years. With fabricated allegations, extortion and ransom demands. Hundreds of garment factories left Cambodia past years because of the ongoing scam and moved to Myanmar or Vietnam (better there). In most of the cases suddenly cleaners or housekeepers appeared (unasked) with their children at work and accuses the owner of raping them. This is a sting operation of a very dangerous group called APLE, orchestrated by a former policeman, Samleang Seila – the master of corruption.

Samleang Seila (Cambodian) Accused for mass murder, money laundering and corruption

APLE have been founded 2003 by the French man, Thierry Darnaudet, who called his business idea a niche market, with Cambodian Hang Vibol, former ECPAT worker. The idea is a sort of:

We set up a security service to guard the bank and rob them.

With a massive media show for oversea TV crews, as a self-nominated Children Police (the real authority is the Child Protection Unit CPU) and scripted reality shows with fake news, now finally set on fire by the Cambodian authorities. They have enough.
Once you have been targeted, to take over your business, to get rid of unwanted competitors or critical journalists exposing their crimes, you will be pulled from the road and dragged into a car. You will read next day in the papers you have been arrested. There was no arrest warrant, no flagrant situation, you had a running business and you are not on the run. What really has been happen in all cases can be read in the Law books:

Article 21, Cambodian law on suppression of human trafficking, arrest, detention or confinement:
A person who, without legal authority, arrests, detains or confines another person shall punished with imprisonment 3-5 years if the arrest, detention or confinement last less than one month; or 5-10 years when the arrest last longer than one month.
Article 22.
If aggravated circumstances such as death, for profit or ransom or to cause torture, this secures a lifetime prison tariff.

So these guys are good for a multiple lifetime. To avoid this, Samleag Seila found a nasty trick. He is inviting western persons for a Pedo head hunting show (similar to Rhino shooting in Africa) who belongs to the right wing extremists, German Reichsbürger and Neo Nazis Scene. Some has been clearly identified. This people appear just for a couple of weeks or months and left before they can be sued. Once a victim has been targeted, they can create the allegations as they like it. They can be full of proven contradictions; your sentence has been paid by the oversea Nazi team already.

Nazi Team in Cambodia
Suspicious APLE volunteer team – Some as Nazis identified

Because Samleang Seila ask them to pay the “shooting price” with a donation to the police of each arrest with 1.500 – 2.000 USD, declared as “food & beverages” for an illegal arrest. We have the reports of Hang Vibol in writing. He described in detail the folder with the “receipts” (bribes).

Testimonials of Witness

Very clever Mr. Seila, you let the foreigners commit the crime. Understand that for most Cambodians, westerners are just a useful ‘walking piece of meat’. On the next stage, helpless and isolated in a horrible prison, you will be set on fire in a worldwide defamation media campaign to damage your reputation and credibility, orchestrated by this gentleman. We like to know more about him:

Fake News producer of APLE

However, the numbers of unknown victims who paid on extortion, resigned from positions (also politicians and lawmaker), dropped their investments and run, to avoid the defamation campaign, are estimated by 200 per year. One businessman could proof, that he paid a 40.000 USD to the pocket of Mr. Samleang Seila on extortion. Mr. Seila is driving a 100.000USD luxury car, living in a proud villa, sending his kids to the most expensive school – having a great live.

Same as Thierry Darnaudet, who has been expelled from Cambodia, running in Calcutta ACTT now, living with plenty street children no one asks anymore, in connection with Andre Torres from Spanish Global Humanitaria, involved in espionage and money laundering in Spain of 45 Mio. Euro. Darnaudet and Torres had an agreement, which APLE has to produce at least ten “arrests” per year, paying for each case 25. – 40.000 USD  “success fee” into the paradise of money laundering.

Andre Torres at RT

With this money, they throw huge amounts of cash into the corrupt judiciary and police, receiving total immunity, and anyone who is exposing them is instantly under fabricated allegations, damaging of reputation. We think its worth to pay this price and bring it to an end. We want to know more, what these people are really doing with the children in their orphanages. There is another unfold chapter.

We ask the United Nations to investigate the death of the following westerners

Just in Prey Sar Prison between 2014 and 2018:
Hans – Klaus, German                      18.02.2014      Poisoned with Cortisone overdose
Hugo, Switzerland                             17.02.2014      unknown
Olaf Achleitner, Austrian                01.03.2016      malnutrition (due to torture mental retarded)
Ibraham, Swede                                2015                unknown
Jacques – Philippe, France            09.06.2014      unknown
Giuseppe Nicolosi, Australian        01.12.2018      (due to torture)

Please note, that the (government controlled) Phnom Penh Post is writing about a “conviction”. For a conviction it would need a due process and safe judiciary, which does not exist in Cambodia. Surprisingly, its only the APLE and ECPAT victims who die in Prey Sar under suspicious circumstances in a critical moment (evidence gone completely, unpaid ransom, investment taken over etc.).  Here is what the German Embassy has on an arrest of a German National:

“We received a phone call (from whom?) from the authorities (which authority?) who informed us about the arrest (case file number?).  An anonymous person is informing. That’s all. Next record: “Today, we received a phone call from Mr. Samleang Seila who will submit a report”. This report never came and under Cambodian laws, Article 109 of court procedure codes, the whole procedure is already null and void. And then some die. Some of the APLE Nazi teams even ask for photos of the victims in Prey Sar to enjoy torture. Paid Auschwitz games.

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