Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

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Character Assassination – The New Organized Crime

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His name is Daniel Maclymore. He’s supposed to be a US citizen and he’s where organized crime has found his best home. Even for the Nigerians, the unlucky princes who would like to transfer $ 10 million to your account, flocking to Cambodia. Around a thousand Africans now sit in Cambodian prisons. Almost all about drugs and cybercrime.

Fake Passport Offer Cambodian Expats Online
Moderator Mackivili have to approve the first post on his forum

Daniel Maclymore is said to be on the Darknet as “Daniel Mackivili” on the road, selling stolen ID’s and fake passports and extorting people with slander, fake news and compromising material. He also runs several forums for expats and tourists. In Cambodia. His biggest accomplice: the Internet service provider Cloudflare, whose service is understandable only to IT experts. They provide cloud-hosted storage for web hosts, but are not themselves the web host, but only their storage, even though the material physically resides in them. The actual provider is concealed via anonymization services. No, the provider is not the provider of the Internet address (domain), this is again someone else, the registrar, who is also not responsible because he has only sold the address. Got it?

Cloudflare is the best example of the ineffectiveness of the GDPR. The forums of Daniel Mackivili, of course without imprint, are the epitome of copyright infringement and internet hate speeches. They post pictures of corpses, accident victims, their passports, joking about them, collect private photos on Facebook and Instagram, operate as they like it, defamation, pillory and online justice (Trial by Internet). Anyone who uses the contact form to complain will find his message immediately as a posting in the forum again – for general amusement. Namely and

Cloudflare has come in for massive criticism, especially for their services for right-wing extremist websites. The citizen of the German Reichsbürger Ernst Köwing (died 2018), co-operator of the Reichsbürger page, propagated in various blogs that thanks to Cloudflare and their concealment their hate campaigns can be operated unhindered and invites. It is quite possible that a class action lawsuit in America could have fatal consequences as the glyphosate process. And the brutality of American justice is well known. Maybe one day they size all hardware from Cloudflare.

Daniel Maclymore (Mackivili)

On the Internet platform Rippoff Report, an Officer J. Malik from Canada praises a $ 1,000 reward for finding Daniel Maclymore (Mackivili). Investigations and arrest warrants will be filed against him in collaboration with Interpol of the Canadian Police (Ref. RCMP # 18-81842 CAF) and the FBI in Houston (Ref. # 2018-63978). We are in contact. The number of complaints is remarkable and confirms the investigations James Ricketson and I made earlier. It keeps swelling up.

This is yet another building block to the puzzle of numerous dubious fake organizations and clubs. They feed these forums with smear campaigns and incitement campaigns to conceal their illegal activities. And their connections also lead to politicians in German ministries. Nevertheless, the Nazi scene in the area of ​​Mr. Maclymore is currently running a defamation campaign against German Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier. Because he’s buying namely from Cambodia child sex slaves and porn, protects satanic fairs with baby victims and child traders in Poland. Thanks to Cloudflare, these defamations on the Internet become indelible. Even WordPress makes it as hard as possible.

In fact, with Google, the alleged “right to forget” and the remove of search queries come to a farce. Google considers it all informally important. Google’s online application form is simply a placebo. Because Google decides for itself what it wants to delete. If the defendant is his own judge, an acquittal usually comes out. Even a website of Reichsbürger who wants to lock the screen and install malicious code considers Google to be informally important and does not delete it on request.

Fake News
Fake News and defamation campaign against Steinmeier – orchestrated from Cambodia