An open Letter and Warning about doing business in Cambodia

An open Letter and Warning about doing business in Cambodia

Reference: Cambodian Court Organised ‘Systemic Criminal Corruption’ amounting to Crimes Against Humanity

To Whomsoever in the UN or International Community that actually has the political will and capabilies to do anything about this.

The corruption of the Cambodian Courts is iconic or legendary. Indeed it is so bad that represetatives of the Ministry of Justice publicly state that its “bad, but not that bad….!”

The fact is that, probably without exception, every judge, clerk and prosecutor has been offered, discussed, negotiated and likely received bribes or political benefit to influence a prosecution. This means that, more than likely, every judge, clerk, prosecutor and hierachial management of each and every court is functioning as an organised criminal gang.

What’s more alarming is that they are patently ignoring the relatively simple laws of Cambodia essentially to achieve as much personal and collective benefit as possible. It’s a systematic, government sanctioned – by appointing judges and managing them without accountability – organised criminal enterprise that literally trafficks humans and their misery regardless of probable cause, evidence or the law.

Indeed the Cambodian Courts and broader legal system meets the ‘text book’ definition of torture. The corruption and criminality that is systematically committed, day after day, culminates in crimes against humanity causing pain, suffering and loss to everyone ensnared within the Cambodian legal system.

The negotiations for bribes, or are they extorted ransoms one must ask, is frenetic before trial, during trial and thereafter until the poor unfortunate soul, regardless of guilt or innocence, manages, if possible, to escape the clutches of the most morally, ethically and professionally bancrupt group of humans you will meet on the planet.

The lives, families and futures that these courts have destroyed or caused unimaginable pain and suffering upon the Cambodian people and foreigners alike is beyond comprehension.

What has a so called Child protection NGO (APLE) to do with espionage?

Our questions of the UN and the broader International community is;

Why do you not hold these criminals accoubtable for their actions?

Why do you continue to turn a blind eye to such open and blatant criminality?

Torture is an International Crime. Unlawful imprisonment and prosecution is criminal and a blatant breach of human rights and domestic laws. Extortion through the courts is an organised criminal enterprise.

You have the evidence of such crimes for, perhaps 30 years. Why, then, do you continue to fail to address these blatant criminal acts that occur literally thousands of times a year?

UN, International Community, we seek your public response to these questions. We would also ask that you seek answers from the Cambodian Government to satisfy your citizens of their safety when tourists or business people in Cambodia.

Sincerely Yours

Anonymous Victims of Cambodian Investors

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